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WARNING: This is entirely spoilers before chapter 17, and there wasn't a good way to split this out so some of these are spoilers long beyond that.

Basic Info

Perks are split up into 2 main types. Racial and class perks. (Excluding the Demon Lord class since it combines both into one).

Demon Lord Perks

The Demon Lord class has a separate list of available perks and also several innate perks

Demon Lord Innate Perks

Name Cost
Decreased Skill Experience Gain (ALL) -15 (Innate)
Healing Inversion -15 (Innate)
Heavily Decreased Class Experience Gain -10 (Innate)
Monster Magnet -10 (Innate)
Asexual 0 (Innate)
Fire immunity 5 (Innate)
Dark Vision 5 (Innate)
Demon Lord Cold Resistance 5 (Innate)
Status Effect Resistance 15 (Innate)
Biologically needless 20 (Innate)
Ageless 25 (Innate)
Demon Lord 25 (Innate)

Demon Lord Purchasable Perks

Health Regen, Slow1N/A
Quest Interface1N/A
Skills, Limited3N/A
Status Display3N/A
Magic, Limited3N/A
Weapon Use5Inventory
Armor Use5Inventory
Health Regen, Normal5Health Regen - Slow
Skills, Normal5Skills, Limited
Party Interface5N/A
Skill/Level Downscaling5Status Display
Magic, All10Magic, Limited
Health Regen, Fast10Health Regen - Normal
Skills, All10Skills, Normal
Magic, Advanced15Magic, All
Memory Protection50N/A

General Class Perks

These perks are available for purchase for all normal adventurer classes.

Name Cost Prereq
Skill Experience Increase(repeatable) 2 (+2) N/A
Map Interface 2 N/A
Enhanced Interface 2 N/A
Enhanced Party 2 N/A
Resource Increase(repeatable) 5 (+5) N/A
Remove Restriction (repeatable) (Cost of restriction) N/A
Enhanced Map 5 Map Interface
Enhanced Item Info 5 Enhanced Interface
Survivalist Party 5 Enhanced Party

Innate Class Perks

These perks are added automatically to classes when an adventurer acquires the class.

Warrior Perks

Knight Perks

Berserker Perks

Wizard Perks

Element Wizard Perks

Elemental Wizard Perks

Sorcerer Perks

Element Sorcerer Perks

Elemental Sorcerer Perks

Cleric Perks

Ranger Perks

Rogue Perks

Hero Perks

Weapon Master Perks

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